Individual Membership

The Borth Snowmobile and ATV Club was established 10/29/2008 with a few members and was founded by Ken Hyler, III.  The club established its original 8 miles of trail in 2011 that started from Jorgie's Bar and Grill, Borth to PoySippi.  In 2013 the club gained another 12 miles of trail that orginally belonged to the Aurora Sno Blazers.  In 2015 we gained another 5 miles from the Poy Sippi Hillclimbers Snowmobile Club.  Also in 2015 the membership changed the club name to Borth Trail Twisters.  We had Berlin High School student's design our new logo.  Our club chose Jethro Schoppenhors's logo and he recieved monetary award. 

As a club we continue to grow and we are thankful to everyone who continues to support us!

If you're as passionate about snowmobiling as we are, then we want you in our club!   Not a snowmobiler, that is ok!  We are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraisers, marking trails, etc.

got a passion?

Borth Trail Twisters Snowmobile Club


Our Story

Our mission as the Borth Trail Twisters Snowmobile Club is to work diligently with local landowners and officials to establish and maintain routes for safe snowmobiling; to provide snowmobile safety training and education; to promote a positive image of snowmobiling for the betterment of the community; and to promote snowmobiling as a family sport.”Type your paragraph here.

Family Membership


President: Ken Hyler

Vice President: Dena Michels

Treasurer: Dena Michels


Trail Boss: Jerry Michels

Board of Directors:

​Jerry Michels

John Harris

Terry Calkins

Greg DeBaets

Kendal Kuehl